Thursday, January 23, 2020

Congressional and Presidential Budgeting Process Essay examples -- Ame

Throughout history there has been much concern over issues regarding the national debt and government spending. The United States has had its ups and downs with the national debt and the balancing of the budget. As a multitude of changes have been made to improve the budget system many believe that too much control over the budget is vested with the president and the executive branch. While the Congressional Budget and Reform Act of 1974 awarded Congress added power and influence in response to this concern over the budget process, the president still has an advantage in the budgetary process. The budget process begins with the formulation of the president’s budget or executive preparation, in which all agencies are required to submit their budget requests to the president. The Office of Management and Budget(OMB) which is the largest office within the Executive Office of the President administers instructions, policy guidance, and tentative budget ceilings to help facilitate departments and agencies fabricate their budget requests. These budget requests are then reviewed and overhauled by the OMB in conformance to the directives from the president. Agencies in disagreement with the OMB’s adjustments have the option of appealing to the president in which the president usually concurs with the OMB. The president then sends the budget to Congress which communicates the president’s discretions and priorities on issues regarding matters of overall size, possible effects on the economy, and allocation of funds among major agencies and programs. (Anderson, 2006) The budget proposal also includes volumes of supporting information intended to persuade Congress of the necessity and value of the budget ... ...ning to the growth or demise of the United States. Each process allows the president and Congress to retain both advantages and hindrances as checks and balances prevent the abuse of power and intrusion by government on individual liberties. Although the president and executive offices hold greater influence in the budget process, Congress has contingencies to assist legislature in obtaining its goals. The president should continue to enjoy leverage in the budget process as he must ensure the movement and progression of the country’s goals and priorities by acting as a facilitator between political parties. Works Cited Anderson, J. (2006). Public policymaking. Belmont, CA: Wabsworth. Library of Congress, Law Library of Congress. (2010). Presidential signing statements Washington, DC: Retrieved from

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