Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Analysis and argument Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Analysis and argument - Essay Example The focus of the topic is on media responsibility in building up youth subcultures that are referred to as deviant social trends. Its objective is to offer a sociological insight about contemporary culture of identity and defiance, by framing the youth subculture based on material culture, and its position as a driving force of social change, in addition to its masculine and feminine aspects. The topic also assesses whether current trends of youth violence has risen from unattached morals and leadership, or due to lack of censorship and sway of electronic media (Muggleton, 120). Moreover, the topic provides an insight concerning the callous reality of tagging, moral fear, and societal response. Examples and case studies will include music cultures and music genres like, rave, hip-hop, and heavy metal. In light of the present Arab spring and economic crisis, the discussion will then look at whether race, class, and limited decision making opportunities in both social and political angle, are alternately judged as contributors of deviant behavior. In particular, whether the stigmatized standings are cause of deviant labeling including being foundation of power to wield social control. Effectively, the media creates a trend of impressionable plus emotionally susceptible youth in reproducing the forms of anti-social behavior. This conception is developed from the notion that idealized precedent is distinguished from an indecisive present. (Maira and Soep,

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