Sunday, November 24, 2019

Architect essays

Architect essays As an architect you will design buildings and other structures. You will provide services to the people that you are working for. They tell you what they want and you basically do exactly what they want. First you start with the client and discuss what they want. You could stay with the client throughout the entire project or you may decide to recommend another architect to finish the job. During the discussion you and the client will talk about the objectives the requirements and the budget of the project. Not only do you design the house but also you do the lay out for the heating, air conditioning, electrical and the plumbing. You will also help get bids for the project, get the contractor and the building site. You work with a lot of people all the time. You work with them from the beginning of the project until the end. You will also work with data. You do the angels and use a lot of math for other stuff. You also work with a lot of different things. You are working with the buildings the materials and such stuff. To become an architect you need at least these key skills: designing; engineering; managing; supervising; communication and Computer Aided Design (CAD). You can go to any accredited school to become an architect, but of course some are better than others. After schooling you need to do a 3-year internship, and while doing this you can still go to more school or take the Architect Registration Exam (ARE). Once the 3 years is up you can go out on your own or continue with the same person. In every state you need to be licensed to be an architect. You also need to have a professional degree in order to go out. A lot of you time is spent in the office working with people or designing new buildings. The rest of your time on the job is at the site making sure every thing is going as planned and there are no mistakes. You do not really have too much free time you are always doing som ...

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