Thursday, November 21, 2019

Market Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Market Plan - Essay Example Advertising is the most expensive strategy in the promotional mix. The strategy would help WBC to spread information widely through paid media. It aims at attracting people to purchase the water. While making this decision, WBC needs to choose the best media of advertising that will send the company’s message to the target market. The media also needs to be economical for the company to reduce its expenses. Some of the advertising Medias that WBC could consider are radio advertising, outdoor advertising, television, ambient advertising, the internet, magazines, newspapers, and door drops. Personal selling is a process that involves helping and persuading potential consumers to buy the crystal clear, granite filtered mountain water. This is a personal to personal interaction during the sales process. Interaction can be in the form of personal correspondence and face to face discussions. This strategy demands WBC to target specific potential customers with the aim of altering their desired product. The process would help the company demonstrate the benefits of the water. Sales promotions are media and non-media marketing communication that are used for a specific period to stimulate market demand, improve the product availability, and increase the consumer demand for the water. Sales promotion is a direct and immediate inducement. It adds value to the crystal clear, granite filtered mountain water and hence prompts consumers to buy the product. Direct marketing is a form of marketing that will allow WBC to communicate directly with potential customers. The method aims at eliminating middlemen and implies that WBC markets to its consumer group without secondary media such as radio and television commercials. The company can use this strategy by applying tools such as distributing fliers. The method would help WBC get immediate response and encourages lasting customer relationships.

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